Lovely Spots in the City

As I am new in the city I love strolling around and looking for my new favorite spots and spaces that I could spend my time, working in my site and writing new articles. So, while I was discovering Soho, I passed outside a café. I walked some steps and then I returned in its entrance again. I started taking photos while I was still outside and I realized that this is “mine”. It is consisted of big wooden tables with modern chairs. Also, there are a number of colorful armchairs (which are really comfortable, trust me). On the walls, there are photography and painting exhibitions from independent artists. And lets go to the best part! It offers amazing quality of coffee and teas which are awarded! Also, you will find a simple but high quality and variety food. From delicious breakfasts, to sandwiches with your own choice of bread and daily soups, salads, quiche and treats and snack. Everyday, there are different tastes because they choose only the best from their local artisan producers.




My favorite part is the way that they serve you. They bring you your drink or your food in modern wooden trays and they offer you the water in emerald glass bottles.


If you are a creative individual, freelancer and startup in mind you have to sign up as a member. You will pay a monthly subscription and you will have entrance in the basement which is an incredible co-working space. A number of other facilities are offered to the members, so, listen to me ! You have to visit it and to decide if it is your new favorite spot too.

Timberyard Soho: 4 Noel Street, W1F 8GB, London
Website: Timberyard Soho
Facebook: Timberyard UK
Twitter: @timberyardUK

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